A fine artist can not create without great resources to work with, along with a host of people who help along the way. Below is a list of a few of the organizations that have helped me and will help you too. Note: I am not receiving any compensation for my recommendations to you. 

Logo of gamblin artists oil colors on a red paint smear background.


A fine artist needs to use superior materials. I first discovered Gamblin paint and  mediums when I lived in Portland Oregon. Robert Gamblin is also a fine art painter so he understands how important quality materials are to creating a lasting image. Gamblin’s pigment quality and intensity are amazing and help give my floral oil paintings the vibrancy that I am striving to achieve. Click on the Gamblin logo to the right for a link to his site. You will find this is a great resource for any fine artist.

If you subscribe to the Gamblin web site periodically they send out excellent information about their products  including safety. For Oil painters using solvent safety is paramount. The team at Gamblin provide some very useful information on using solvents safely, click on the Gamblin name to find out more.

Logo of upper canada stretchers featuring stylized letters "us" resembling a snake.

Upper Canada Stretchers

 Once I learned how to stretch my own canvas for my floral paintings I started looking for quality stretcher bars. The precision and quality of Upper Canada Stretchers stretcher bars is impeccable. If you want a painting to last make sure it has “good bones”, the stretcher bars,  under your canvas. Click on the UCS name t for a link to their site.

Logo of the american society of botanical artists with the tagline "cultivating the field of botanical art since 1994.


If you want to join an organization dedicated to amazing botanical art and artists check out the American Society of Botanical Artists. I spend hours getting lost in all of the amazing art. It is a great way to get ideas for your own work.

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